Upgrade your scanning electron microscope with REBEKA™
Crytur introduces a brand new ready-to-use retractable BSE detector for SEM upgrades.
Ionizing radiation and neutron imaging has never been easier with CRYPIX™
Crytur commercially launches a compact photon-counting pocket size device delivering a viable solution for many industries. Whether you are looking for X-ray imaging or particle tracking, you can be sure that Crypix™ will never fail to meet your expectations.
Bigger is better! Crytur started growing garnet crystals with LARGE DIAMETERS.
YAG:Ce scintillating screens are now also available in diameters over 100 mm. Large diameter crystals combined with exceptional surface flatness present a unique advancement available only at Crytur.
CRYPHOSPHOR - NEW monocrystalline luminophor for high-power LEDs
Crytur presents a brand new approach to LED phosphors for blue high power LEDs. Discover the potential of efficient light conversion.
CRYTUR introduces new fast and heavy scintillator
Crytur introduces new scintillating single-crystal LuAG:Pr. It combines a high-density matrix of LuAG and Pr3+ ion which is a fast and efficient luminescence center. LuAG:Pr has higher light output compared to BGO. It has comparable absorption as BGO. The decay time is 20ns. Hence, it can be used for high-count rate spectroscopic measurements of high-energy gamma rays.
Yb:YAG is well suited for high power laser applications.
CRY18 - The new scintillation material
CRY18 is a new mixed rare-earth silicate single crystal of medium density featuring high light yield and short decay time.
CRY19 - The new scintillation material
CRY19 is a new mixed rare-earth silicate single crystal of high density featuring high light yield and short decay time.
LuAG:Ce - The new scintillation material
LuAG:Ce, Lutetium Aluminum Garnet activated by cerium (chemical formula Lu3Al5O12), is a relatively dense and fast scintillation material.



Sapphire Profiles

SapphiT®  - Tempered Sapphire


Advantages - why use sapphire?
Material properties

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Sapphire – Al2O3 single crystal - has outstanding physicochemical properties: extraordinary mechanical resistance, high hardness and shape stability even at temperatures approaching 2000°C, excellent optical properties, high thermal conductivity, low electric conductivity, no porosity, strength even in extreme temperature conditions, outstanding chemical resistance even to fluorination agents and perfect crystal lattice. All of this makes sapphire a much sought-after material in industry and science.

Crytur is a company with one of the longest traditions in single crystal manufacturing, which was founded in 1935 as the “Research Group for Gem Analysis”.We have been producing sapphire single crystals, rods, ribbons, tubes and fibres since 1978. Our more than 30 years of expertise and research background have resulted in optimised patented technology for the manufacture of SapphiT® – Tempered Sapphire, an unmatched material with a perfect lattice structure resulting in minimum crystal tension and excellent physical and chemical purity higher than 5N. Crytur is the only EU manufacturer of EFG sapphire (not a re-seller). As such, we can offer the required combination of high quality, short delivery times, custom-made solutions and competitive prices which do not find a real match anywhere else in Europe.