REBEKA™ - retractable BSE detector for SEM

REBEKA™ - retractable BSE detector for SEM
Rebeka™ represents a new retractable BSE detector for electron microscopy which combines the best available single crystal scintillators manufactured in Crytur with precise high vacuum mechanics and readout electronics in one ready-to-use package.

Key properties

  • Single crystal sensor

  • Scintillator/PMT principle for ultimate image quality

  • Exclusive CRYTUR LOW-ENERGY COATING™ sensitive down to 0.2 keV

  • Excellent S/N ratio

  • Unlimited sensor lifetime

  • HV + LV + ESEM operation

  • Motorized retraction mechanism

  • Bellows-sealed high vacuum system

  • Retraction 150 mm

  • Compact design

  • Precise alignment

  • Customized connection to SEM

Technical parameters


YAG:Ce scintillator with optimized efficiency and minimized afterglow, exponential decay time 75 ns with 30 photons/keV

Outer diameter 15 mm

Inner hole diameter 6 / 4 / 2 or 1.2 mm. This dimension limits the field of view

Exclusive CRYTUR LOW-ENERGY COATING™ sensitive down to 0.2 keV

Sensitivity down to 1pA beam current




Dimensions 406 x 100 x 72 mm

Bellows design for ultimate vacuum

150 mm motorized retraction

+/- 2 mm fine adjustment in x, y, z axis

0.01 mm repeatability

Detector tip covered by metal protecting tube, final thickness 3.5 mm, width 24 mm

Flange adapted to customer's SEM

White / black / blue matt surface finish available



Dimensions 210 x 180 x 80 mm

Supply 230/110 V

3 noise filters optimized for different scanning speeds

50 MHz bandwidth

Internal source 0-1200 V for PMT HV

Output video signal -1/+1V (-5/+5V)

Full remote software control

Sample images

Evolution of BSE contrast with increasing landing energy. The same field of view on uncoated charging sample of phases of Lu2O3 and Lu3Al5O12:



Sample: IC bonds - Al bond on Si wafer with particle contamination

Different BSE contrast at various landing energies, the same FOV

BSE 3kV | 80pA | 320µs/pxl

BSE 10kV | 350pA | 100µs/pxl

Sample: IC bonds - Au bond on metallized Si wafer

BSE imaging at low beam current, the same FOV

BSE 2kV | 20pA | 320µs/pxl

BSE 5kV | 20pA | 100µs/pxl

Sample: phases of Lu2O3, Lu3Al5O12 and Zr2O

BSE imaging at low landing energy on insulating samples,the same FOV

SE 3kV | 80pA | 100µs/pxl

BSE 3kV | 80pA | 100µs/pxl

Sample: Fe-Al-Nb alloy

BSE | 10kV | 100pA | 100µs/pxl