Ti:Sapphire laser gain material for red and near-infrared emission ranging from 650 to 1100 nm

Technical parameters

Material properties 
Host Sapphire (Al2O3)
Dopant Ti3+
Crystal structure hexagonal
Absorption range 1 to7 cm-1 @532 nm
Concentration range 0,05-0,3 wt.% Ti2O3
Unit cell dimensions a=4,748 Å; c=12,957 Å
Refractive index at 800 nm 1.76
Thermal expansion coefficient 4.78 x 10-6 °K-1 perpendicular to c-axis
5.31 x 10-6 °K-1 parallel to c-axis
Thermal conductivity 33 W/mK
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Hardness by Mohs 9
Fluorescent lifetime at room temp. 3.2 µs
Pump wavelength 400-600 nm (peak at 488 nm)
Laser wavelength 650-1100 nm (peak at 795 nm)
Emission cross section at 790 nm 41 x 10-20 cm2
FOM Over 100 or 200 dependent on the dopation of the Ti2O3


Detailed information available on Characterization of Absorption Bands in Ti:sapphire Crystals and on Optimized InGaN-diode pumping of Ti:sapphire crystals (paid access through OSA Publishing)