Introducing new R&D Project: development of coatings with improved LIDT and stability

Thursday, 29. November, 2018

Stable thin films for optical and monocrystalline materials (project No. TH02010579)

The goal of this project is the improvement of thin film technology with respect to high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) and environmental stability (low spectral shift). These thin films (anti-reflective, high-reflective, combined) can be deposited on both the optical glasses and monocrystalline substrates produced by CRYTUR, spol. s r.o.

The project is solved in collaboration with the HiLASE Centre of the Institute of Physics of CAS and supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Ion-assisted deposition = comparable LIDT, but higher stability than e-beam deposition

BD - Beam Dump; FM - Flip Mirror; BS - Beam Sampler; PD – Photodetector; BP – Beam profiler; ND – Neutral Density Filter; HR – High Reflectivity Mirror

Laser parameters:

  • Cryo-cooled Yb:YAG slabs
  • Square top-hat 25x25 mm2
  • 10 ns @ 1030 nm
  • rep. rate 10 Hz
  • linear, P-polarized

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