Crycam™ X-ray camera

Crycam™ X-ray camera
CRYCAM™ is a high resolution imaging system designed for low energy radiation imaging (X-rays, electron and UV) based on high-resolution CCD digital CRYCAM™ camera and a thin YAG:Ce or LuAG:Ce single crystal scintillating screen

Key characteristics

  • High resolution down to 1 micron

  • High contrast

  • Low noise

  • Radiation hard

  • Common system for X-ray, electron and UV detection

  • Customisable with full service support

Imaging system scheme

Ultra-thin single crystal screens

YAG:Ce and LuAG:Ce imaging screens are quite suitable for electron beams, proton beams, low energy X-ray, UV light, VUV and XUV radiation. Submicron spatial resolution is achieved due to excellent properties of the material and precise manufacturing.

Single crystal screen properties:

  • High optical quality
  • High homogeneity of luminescence
  • Extreme thinness and excellent face parallelism
  • Chemical and temperature resistance




Crycam™ delivers considerably better resolution than an ordinary flat panel.

   Image comparison of 100 µm iron plate edge Image comparison - golden mesh Image comparison - head of wasp
YAG:Ce Crycam™ YAG:Ce Crycam™ YAG:Ce Crycam™ YAG:Ce Crycam™
Flat panel P43 scintillator Flat panel P43 scintillator Flat panel P43 scintillator Fibre optics plate with CsI:Tl scintillator









  • Spatial resolution: 18 micrometers
  • Field of view: up to 36mm x 36mm
  • Spatial resolution: down to 0.7 micrometer
  • Field of view: < 4mm

Technical parameters

Main features

  • 16-bit monochrome depth
  • Low electronic read noise - several e-/pix/s only (slow reading)
  • Peltier cooling
  • Suitable for low light sources
  • Can be used for light intensity measurements



Shutter: Yes
Binning: 1x1 to 4x4.
Reading: Two modes, standard and low-noise.
Frames accumulation: Yes.
CCD signal processing: correlated double sampling (CDS) + 16 bit A/D converter.
Image acquisition: Fully SW controlled
Features: Background subtracting, Flat-field correction.
Antiblooming: SW controlled, Interline Transfer CCDs only.
Cooling: Peltier driven, <50°C below the ambient temperature
Optionally: FAN / cooling water.
Data interface: USB 2.0.
Power source: 12 VDC/ 5 A/ 100-240 V/ 50-60Hz

Sample images

Biological and medical objects
Electronics - integrated circuit inspections
Light-weight materials with pores
X-ray, UV, synchrotron beam inspection and measurements
Highly detailed X-ray ND inspections
Composite material inspection and development

The imaging system can be used in many applications where very small details of imaged object should be observed

Alumina foam A connector with shielded cable Carbon fibres (7-10 micron)
Mouse brain Mouse kidney Spider
Pea (sprouting) Pistachio seed Plastic foam