Q-switched laser resonator

Q-switched laser resonator
This compact resonator provides a superior solution for military and civil range finding applications

Key characteristics

  • Compact

  • Small

  • Rubust

  • Uniform beam profile

  • Small divergency

  • Shock resistant

  • Resilient to temperature changes

The compact Q-switched resonator delivers the best available laser optics by Crytur in a compact, durable and shock-proof chasis.

With dimensions of 120x32 mm this is the ideal small-size, easy-to-mount solution for a large variety of applications. A perfect beam profile and extremely small divergence allow for the use of this laser head in the construction of rangefinding devices.



Technical parameters

Lasing characteristics Mechanical characteristics
Wavelength 1064 nm Multiple mechanical impact resistance
Pulse energy up  to  35 mJ shock acceleration 10 g
Pulse  duration 14 ns action time  5 .. 10 ms
Divergence not  more  than  0.9 mrad quantity 50
Pulse  repetition  rate 1,5 Hz Sinusoidal vibration strength at
Burst  mode 5  Hz  during  4  sec frequency range 5 .. 300 Hz
Output  energy  stability not  more  than  5% acceleration amplitude 2g
Angular misalignment of lasing
axis and mechanical landing surfaces axis [ang. min]
not more than 5 running time 60 min
Operation  temperature -35°C  to  +50°C