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Crystal clear solutions for HI-TECH science and industry


  • MonaLIGHT Next-Generation Light Modules out NOW!
    The new family of laser pumped compact light modules is now commercially available!
  • New G4S detector out now!
    The new GAGG+ based scintillation detector G4S provides a modern, smaller and efficient alternative to the commonly used 1 inch NaI:Tl scintillation detectors. Find out more!
  • Ti:Sapphire now available!
    Titanium-doped sapphire is now available as a laser gain material for tunable lasers with red or near-infrared emission. This material is mostly designated for  scientific research for its ability to generate ultrashort pulses and for its durability when working at high-powers.

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    Visit us in Paris and experience MonaLIGHT and BeamLIGHT light sources in life demonstration and the new compact laser modules QLH 01- QLH 03.

  • SENSOR+TEST 2022

    SENSOR+TEST 2022

    Visit us in Nürnberg to learn about sapphire thermocouple protection elements and the brand new innovative light sources for sensorics

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